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7 Interesting things to do when you are in Dallas, Texas


Doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone, with your family, with your girlfriend or your business partner, Dallas is a great place for you to have many adventures, see exotic places, visit great restaurants and have a very entertaining trip. There is the Reunion tower to explore, the Perot Museum of nature and science to visit and very important places both historically and culturally, like the Trinity Groves.

Dallas is not only a great place to explore if you want to discover new places and adventures, but is also extremely easy and intuitive to navigate. There are many free transportation options throughout the city to take you to many of the destinations we will discuss in this article. Many of the activities that can be done with your family or alone are free to do. Dallas is truly a great place to go and have fun.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

With great reviews worldwide from travelers, everyone that passes through Dallas ends up taking a trip to this amazing and enormous museum. The Perot museum of nature and science extends way beyond the common museum philosophy. This place is extraordinary not only because of its exhibits, but also for the level of detail went to the building itself and to the open areas where you can walk through. The art is not only located indoors, but in the outdoor spaces around the museum, where great architecture and ambient design can be appreciated.

This place is enormous enough to guarantee a great entertainment even for those who do not usually enjoy museums. The Perot Museum has so many different activities and proposals for entertainment that all ages will get something out of it.

Dallas world aquarium

Dallas world aquarium is an enormous collection of exotic and different animals to exhibit from many places of the world, many of which have historical or cultural roots with Texas.

There are many species in display, and the exhibits are displayed into these five categories: Mundo Maya, which has plants and animals that have connection with the Mayan folklore; Orinoco, which exhibits highlights of the “seven-story Orinoco secrets of the River” with unique and diverse species; the Aquarium; South Africa and Borneo which features Australian animals.

House of blue Dallas

A great restaurant & bar where you can find a mix of music, great food and art in one place. This is a worldly famous restaurant where constant blues is playing live in a soothing atmosphere of folk art decoration.

Having an outside patio space with the sight of the entire city lights at night, the atmosphere in this restaurant together with the alive surroundings and eccentric art will grant you a memorable experience.

Free live concerts

In Dallas, there are live concerts happening every week for free. For example, every Wednesday, a band called Shockwaves plays many alternative, punk and industrial music from the 80’s and 90’s live for free at The Nines. This is just a quick example of many concerts that happen across the city for free and can be experienced by anyone passing through.

There is also the Irving’s concert series, which brings musicians from across the state to make live performances. A wide variety of musical genres are highlighted. Parking and admission are for free!

Dallas Arboretum

This is home to Dallas Blooms Spring, the biggest outdoor floral festival in the southwest. Here in the Dallas Arboretum, they highlight beauties across all four seasons. This botanic masterpiece offers 66 acres with 11 lush gardens to display to visitors. This is a great trip to take with your family and kids, with services that provide professional photos inside the garden and guides to help navigate through the flora displays.

Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

This was a great idea and persists to be one of the most visited places in Dallas. The reunion Tower was built for visitors to see the incredible city skyline Dallas has to offer. Not only that: Instead of just watching the city with naked eyes, this tower has potent telescopes to greatly improve the vision range in high definition image. It has such a powerful range that guest can look through restaurant and building windows, peasants in the streets and things very far away from the tower. This makes for a very interesting visit where you can look for yourself the boundaries of what the city has to offer, all in one very impressive tower.

The Dallas Zoo

The largest zoo in all of Texas, this is a great place to visit with the family and kids. It features many species that are at the risk of extinction. Animals have a nice, big habitat to roam around and there is also an area where you can feed the giraffes. This zoo is award winning and has over two thousand animals to exhibit in a breath-taking atmosphere in a zoo that is surrounded by flora and green. This zoo is always fresh with new exhibits like the giants of savanna, so it is always a relevant trip, especially on a sunny day.

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