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February 7, 2017
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Why Selling Your House is a Great Idea When Relocating

your house for our cash

It does not matter if your employer requested you to relocate to a different city or you have plans to relocate because you like some change in scenery. Whatever the case is, selling your house must be your top priority even before the schedule for your move arrives.

your house for our cash

While there are plenty of options available for those who want to sell their house, many of these don’t really provide a convenient and fast method. Most people who want to sell their house typically have to wait for several years or even over a year before a good and serious buyer makes a great offer.

Companies which specialize in buying houses are the easiest and most time efficient means to sell a house before you relocate to a new place.

Traditional Way of Selling Homes

Homeowners who want to sell their houses have several selling methods available at their disposal for them to choose from:

  • Selling the house on their own – people who want to sell their house without the help of an agent will be heading to a complete disaster. Many homeowners cannot negotiate properly in getting a fair price and will likely make mistakes as they fill out the necessary paperwork.
  • Hiring real estate agents – Getting the services of a real estate agent tends to take up so much time, specifically if there is no one who can refer a reliable agent to you. On top of that, the commissions for home sales tend to be high as well.
  • Using an agency – The real estate agencies that employ a large network of agents are also available to help in selling your home. It often takes them several weeks or even more in order to get all the paperwork done and assign this to an agent before your house is put up on the market.

These three options are all expensive and those who are planning to relocate on such short notice will not be able to afford waiting for their homes to get listed, showed, and sold before putting into escrow.

How Home Buying Companies are Different

Getting the services of a company which buys extensive numbers of properties regularly would be your best option to experience a pain-free and quick process of selling your home.

These companies usually purchase houses at a bit lower prices compared to market value since they plan to flip the home and sell this in the near future for profit. The process is fast and easy since companies specializing in this kind of real estate investing have a specialized team which will complete the process quick than any traditional real estate agent can do.

The use of companies that buy houses also means that there is no need for you to wait for the potential home buyers who will visit your property. You also need not negotiate with an agent and make an offer. You are also getting a fair price for your house at the soonest time possible, which will free more of your time to let you focus on your relocation instead.


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